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FAQ about PSP steel

Is this product available in custom dimension, thickness, material and color ?
Yes, PSP steel can be customized on request. Please contact our sales for details. Theoretically the MOQ for customized product is 50 tons.

Which kind of steel do you use for the middle layer ?
Pretreated SGCC . Average tensile strength 408Mpa,yield strength 339Mpa, Elongation 30%.
G550 with aluzinc coating is available on request.

What about the adhesion between steel and resin ? Will the film peel off in the long term ?
Fangxing's unique production technology gives superior viscosity between different layers. No glue is used, which ensures the films will not peel off naturally. Right choice of films will ensure its best performance in long term.

Will the film coating be affected at temperatures up to 100 °C ?
Production temperature of PSP Steel is over 200°C, so it is resistant to cumulative temperature up to 100°C in applications.

How to deal with the drilling parts and the edges after cut ?
FANGXING supplied fitting system is recommend to use for drilling holes in light corrosive environment. In heavy corrosive environment, it is advised to use standing seam roofing system without drilling holes. Cutting edge is recommended to be painted by proper painting according to different applications for best performance.

How to deal with the scratch on the surface during transportation and installation ?
The product can be chosen to be coated by PE protective film. It is advised to take care during handling and installation. The scratch can be filled with PVC glue for protection.

What kind of corrosive environment can PSP STEEL be used ?
PSP STEEL can be used in most of the corrosive environment. PET film laminated product is advised not to be used in alkali environment.

What about the heat insulation performance of PSP STEEL ?
According to the test result, the thermal conductivity for PSP steel is 0.601W/(m.K),while for pre-coated steel is 6.598W/(m.K).

Which type is recommended to use for exterior ?
ASA film laminated product is most recommended for exterior use, which has excellent color stability. While PVC film laminated product also performs well for lower requirement for color.

Which type is recommended to use for interior ?
Both UPVC and PET work well in indoor environment. PET is cost effective, but not suitable for alkaline and powder environment.

Do you provide any warranty to this product ?
Fangxing offer warranty to all PSP steel products. Please refer to the warranty for different products.

What's the advantage of PSP Steel compared with pre-painted steel ?
PSP Steel has much better resistance against corrosion and weather compared with pre-painted steel. The airtight film protects its base steel efficiently and makes it longer-lasting.

What's the advantage of PSP sheet compared with plastic roofing sheet ?
Compared with plastic roofing sheet, PSP steel roofing has more stable performance under high temperature with higher strength,and longer purlin space. PSP steel can be used above heat insulation material directly.

What's the difference with Plastisol coated and epoxy coated steel sheet ?
Plastisol and epoxy coating are both liquid material with thinner inside. The thinner will volatilize during drying and leave crevices on the surface. The corrosive medias will penetrate the coating through these crevices which make the product corroded soon and the coating will peel off after few years. While the synthetic resin film is airtight material and it will protect the steel from corrosion.

Do you have any special requirement for forming machine ?
PSP STEEL can be formed by normal forming machine for PPGI/PPGL. Pay attention to the thickness and width of the sheet. You may have to adjust the speed of feeding until you get the final product. Please refer to the Machining part.

What's the temperature ranges for PSP STEEL ?

Can PSP STEEL be recycled ?

IS PSP STEEL eco-friendly product ?
Yes, there is no waste produced during production, and no pollution to environment.

What's your production capacity ?
We have 4 production lines with production capacity of 30000 square meters per day.

Can you supply accessories with same material with PSP STEEL ?
Yes, all accessories can be formed by PSP flat panel.

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