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  • PSP Steel sheet used for grapheme manufacturer

    Productivity: 20000 square meters of PVC film laminated PSP STEEL sheet

    Customer background: FANGXING PSP STEEL has just used for a graphene processing project in heilongjiang province.

    This company invested 250 million yuan, and the production workshop has been completed recently. Due to the chemical method in the process of production, corrosive gases occur during production, so customer need a clean, corrosion-resistant light building material which can achieve class-A fire protection requirement, and PSP STEEL is the best choice.

  • PSP Steel sheet used at plant vents for Nanshan Aluminum Group
    • Ventilator before replacement
    • Ventilator after replacement by PSP STEEL

    Productivity: 40,000 square meters of PSP STEEL

    Cooperation time: in the year 2016

    At the end of 2015, FANGXING PSP STEEL was chosen as the replace material for the vents of light alloy foundry for Nanshan Group. The casting plant has a production capacity of 180 thousand tons.

    The roof ventilator renew project was started in March, 2016. Before, the ventilator was covered by PVDF coated steel sheet, which was corroded seriously after 6 years. PSP STEEL was selected because of its excellent performances of anti-corrosion, fire-resistance, weatherability, stable color, etc.

  • PSP Steel sheet used for dairy farms

    Productivity: 100,000 square meters PSP STEEL sheet

    From September 2015, Kanghong Dairy Industry Co., Ltd. has used PSP STEEL for nearly 100,000 square meters for cow breeding.

    The animal manure in dairy industry contains high percentage of hydrogen sulfide, Dung bromide, aldehydes, mercaptan,amines and ammonia gas, which are difficultly to be diluted. These objects form Electrolyte Solution in humid environment, which speed up the corrosion process of metal and other building materials.

    PSP STEEL is laminated by synthetic resin film at both sides, which protect the surface from the corrosion caused by acid, alkali and salt.

  • PSP Steel sheet used as Roofing and Wall Panel for Baihe Aluminum

    Productivity: 80,000 square meters Fangxing PSP STEEL sheet

    In late November, 2015, Fangxing PSP steel was chosen as anti-corrosive roofing and wall panel in the ‘Energy-saving Emission Reduction to Promote Environmental Protection Project’ of Baihe Aluminum Group because of excellent product performance and brand advantages. This project used total more than 80,000 square meters Fangxing PSP STEEL ( about 60,000 wall panel and 20,000 roofing panel), and replaced serious corrosive PPGI sheet more than 40,000 square meters.

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