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    Shandong Fangxing Building Materials Co., Ltd. has focused on the production and sales of various types of light roof sheets and wall panels since its establishment in 1987.Our products include magnesium oxychloride cement tiles, UPVC roof panels, ASA coated PVC roof panels. Almost 30 years' experience teaches us that the industrial plants built with color-coated sheet, especially the plants where corrosive substances are easily generated, are vulnerable to erosion. The PSP plastic steel sheet provided by our company in recent years helps to solve this problem. The product has obvious advantages in the aspects of fireproof, anti-corrosion, heat insulation and service life.

  • FAQ about PSP steel

    Is this product available in custom dimension, thickness, material and color ?
    Yes, PSP steel can be customized on request. Please contact our sales for details. Theoretically the MOQ for customized product is 50 tons.

    Which kind of steel do you use for the middle layer ?
    Pretreated SGCC . Average tensile strength 408Mpa,yield strength 339Mpa, Elongation 30%.
    G550 with aluzinc coating is available on request.

    What about the adhesion between steel and resin ? Will the film peel off in the long term ?
    Fangxing's unique production technology gives superior viscosity between different layers. No glue is used, which ensures the films will not peel off naturally. Right choice of films will ensure its best performance in long term.

    Will the film coating be affected at temperatures up to 100 °C ?
    Production temperature of PSP Steel is over 200°C, so it is resistant to cumulative temperature up to 100°C in applications.

  • History

    Start providing high quality plastic steel from 2015
    · PSP Steel was created based on Fangxing's years of experience of roofing solutions.
    · After successful combination of ASA resin created by General Electric in 1980s, with infrared reflective pigment from BASF, PSP STEEL is the latest main product of FANGXING from end of 2015.
    · The surface material ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate Co-polymer) has been proved to be an excellent anti-climate engineering resin.
    · PSP STEEL is galvanized steel sheet laminated by synthetic resin film on both sides , which protect the product from the corrosion from acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media.
    · PSP STEEL combines the advantage of both plastic and steel material. It is anti-corrosive, weatherable, color stable and fire-proof. The service life is up to 30 years in general environment.
    · PSP STEEL has been used for chemical buildings, electrolytic plant, metallurgic plant, fertilizer storage, mining area, coastal area, power station, waste plant, leather workshop, etc.
    · FANGXING products have been exported to over 50 countries and districts, especially Europe, South-Asian countries and Latin America.

    Participated in editing atlas Single Layer Waterproofing Roofing Structure and Anti-corrosive Components of Construction Structure

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