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PVC Roofing Sheet

    1. ASA Film Laminated PVC Roofing Sheet
    2. ASA Film Laminated PVC Roofing Sheet
      PVC roofing tile is widely used in residential houses and commercial applications all over the world. The roofing tile perfectly matches European style architecture, villas, modular houses, and prebuilt houses. We also provide roofing sheet which fits industrial plants.
    1. Anti-climate UPVC Roofing Tile
    2. Anti-climate UPVC Roofing Tile
      PVC is one of the most widely used synthetic plastic polymers. It is a modified climate resistant UPVC film, which has excellent anti-corrosion and weather resistance performance. Anti-Climate UPVC Roofing Tile is widely used by a great quantity of users in all kinds of industrial structures ...
    1. PVC Waterproofing Panel
    2. PVC Waterproofing Panel
      UPVC waterproofing panel is a new type of application, providing superior air-circulation and ventilation capabilities. Waterproofing panels are applicable to roofs covered by ceramic tile, concrete tile, metal sheet and Upvc roofing sheet.

100% virgin material, perfect anti-corrosion performance, can be used for both residential and industrial buildings, 20 years guarantee.