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PVC Waterproofing Panel

Fangxing UPVC waterproofing panel is a new type of application, providing superior air-circulation and ventilation. It substitutes waterproof layer, concrete layer and counterbatten of pitched roof, so that project finish time is shortened and the total cost is lower.


Fangxing waterproofing panel is applicable to roof covered by ceramic tile, concrete tile, metal sheet and Upvc roofing sheet. It contributes to an improvement on the whole roof system, as well as extending its life.


1. Tight overlap excellent waterproofing performance
2. Anti-pressure
3. Anti-aging and low temperature resistance
4. Fireproof
5. Lower cost
6. Shorten project period easy maintennance

Inventory products parameters

Width: 1040mm
Thickness: 2.6mm
Length: customized
Profile height:22mm
Wave distance: 70mm
Weight: 4.5kg/sq.m

Contact us for products with more sizes and colors

Our company specializes in the production of light roofing sheet and wall panels. The PVC Waterproofing Roof Panel produced by our company can be used as Modular Housing Roofing Sheet and Prefab House Roof Sheet. In addition, we also provide anti-corrosive and heat insulated plastic steel roofing sheet such as Warehouse Roofing Sheet and Factory Roofing Sheet which are used in industrial plants.

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