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PET Film Laminated Steel Sheet

PET Coated Steel Roofing Sheet and Steel Wall Panel

PET plastic coated steel roof sheet is mainly made of PET Film Laminated Steel coil. Our company not only produces PET plastic roof sheet, but also provide customized plastic roof sheet and wall panels according to customer's requirements of the size and shape. Because the steel sheet is more resistant to corrosion, high temperature, fire, and more heat insulated, it is widely used as the building material of the roof ceiling and interior wall in industrial plants such as chemical plant, food processing plants, metal processing plants and so on.

1045T PET Coated Steel Sheet

  • Industrial Roofing Sheet and Interior Wall Panel
Thickness Width Length Weight Qty/20FCL
0.4mm 1045mm Customized 2.86 kg/ m2 7600 m2
0.5mm 1045mm Customized 3.75 kg/ m2 5800 m2
0.6mm 1045mm Customized 4.65 kg/ m2 4700 m2

1075T PET Coated Steel Sheet

  • Fireproof Factory and Warehouse Roofing Sheet
Thickness Width Length Weight Qty/20FCL
0.4mm 1075mm Customized 2.78 kg/ m2 7900 m2
0.5mm 1075mm Customized 3.65 kg/ m2 6000 m2
0.6mm 1075mm Customized 4.52 kg/ m2 4800 m2

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