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Anti-climate PVC Film Laminated Steel coil


PVC is one of the most widely used synthetic plastic polymer. It is a kind of modified anti-climate.
UPVC film in PSP Steel coil, which has very good anti-corrosion and weather resistance performance. In general corrosive environment, the life can be more than 20 years.

Application of Anti-climate PVC Film Laminated Steel coil

Our steel coil is mainly used in roofs and walls in industrial plants. We also produce custom-made plastic sheet with specific size and shape according to customer's requirements for direct usage.

Products sales

Thickness Weight Qty/ton Qty/coil Qty/20FCL
0.56mm 2.73 kg/ m2 366 m2 1098 m2 (3 tons) 7686 m2 (21 tons)
0.66mm 3.52 kg/ m2 284 m2 852 m2 (3 tons) 5964 m2 (21 tons)
0.76mm 4.3 kg/ m2 232 m2 696 m2 (3 tons) 4872 m2 (21 tons)
Coil Width 1000mm, 1200mm

We mainly provide the products in the color of blue and white.

  • Blue PBL01
  • White PWH01

Contact us for products with more shapes and colors.

Feature of Anti-climate PVC Film Laminated Steel coil

1. Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion resistance is the main advantage of PSP Steel compared with PPGI or PPGL products. PSP Steel is well protected by engineering resin films from outside corrosions and damage, giving over 30 years service life in general environment.

2. Heat Insulation
The surface engineering resin material uses infra-red reflection technology, which can reflect over 30% of infra-red ray. Creating cooling effect for buildings.

3. Fire Resistance
Tested by Fire Research Institute, PSP Steel can meet Class A requirement of fire resistance for building systems.

4. Maintenance Free
PSP STEEL is laminated by resin film which is much thicker than paint coating. The film itself is compact material, which protect the substrate steel from normal scratches. So it doesn't need re-painting after a period of time.

Specification of Anti-climate PVC Film Laminated Steel coil

COiL WIDTH 1000mm,1200mm
Thickness Substrate(mm) Top layer(mm) Bottom layer(mm) Total thickness(mm)
0.3 0.13 0.13 0.56
0.4 0.13 0.13 0.66
0.5 0.13 0.13 0.76
Application Rooting,Wall,Ceiling

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